New book shows sun god is only human

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   “The Trials of Apollo: The Hidden Oracle,” by Rick Riordan. Disney Hyperion, 2016. 376 pages.

“The Trials of Apollo: The Hidden Oracle” is a long-expected continuation of Rick Riordan’s first two series. Riordan’s latest novel takes place six months after the events in “The Heroes of Olympus” occur.
In “The Hidden Oracle,” you follow Apollo after he has been exiled from Olympus, stripped of all his powers, including his immortality.
Forced to work alongside Meg, a demigod with a surprising nature, Apollo must undergo a series of trials to regain Zeus’s favor. Throughout the book, the sun god must learn the hard way that he is not the center of the universe, as much as he would like to be. The book shows many of the characters developing in ways one might not expect.
From seeing characters from Riordan’s previous works, to new characters altogether, the author spins a well-thought-out story. Not only are questions from Riordan’s last series answered, but new questions arise as the story continues.
The book is full of action and emotions that teens will understand. Written from Apollo’s perspective as an awkward 16-year-old, it shows many troubles teens face, from being insecure to having acne. Since teens struggle with such things, the book is an excellent read for them.

Jordan Carey is an eighth-grade home-schooler and a Teens & 20s writer.

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