‘No Man’s Sky:’ The ultimate in gaming

Commentary by Jos Boswell
Times-News correspondent

   Now is an exciting time in video gaming. Everywhere you look, new and exciting games, consoles and other innovations are being developed. It seems like more and more advertisements for such games are showing up.
Perhaps one of the lesser-known but most interesting of these games is “No Man’s Sky,” made by Hello Games, as described in the game’s website, www.no-mans-sky.com.
“No Man’s Sky” is a nearly infinite exploration-survival game. You begin as a traveler stranded alone on a random planet, and it is your job to gather resources to buy or build a ship. You then travel throughout the massive procedurally generated universe, gathering resources, upgrading your ship, and eventually coming into contact with other players.
One of the most amazing features of “No Man’s Sky” is the scale. Every star, planet, moon, mountain, ocean and forest can be reached if your ship is powerful enough. Almost every type of known phenomenon is present as well — black holes, gas giants, earth-like planets — and many other occurrences, such as space colonies, star fleets, and more. One can discover new stars, planets, and even new life-forms. The possibilities are truly endless.
“No Man’s Sky” is an online multiplayer game. Every player explores the same universe in tandem, and players can share discoveries, trade, dogfight, and team up to travel to the galactic center, the supposed goal of the game. Players can spend their time exploring new frontiers, strengthening their own lands, or sharing their discoveries with others, creating a great map of the galaxy for all to use.
“No Man’s Sky” was created by U.K.-based Hello Games and is scheduled for release on PlayStation4 in the fall. To learn more, go to www.no-mans-sky.com.

 Jos Boswell is a freshman at Williams High School and a Teens & Twenties writer.

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