Now, for the not-so-official school supply list

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   Commentary by Emily Fogleman
  Times-News correspondent

    Of course you need paper and pencils, binders and tab dividers, but what about the stuff no one mentions? You need these things, even if no one reminds you about them.
   1. Headphones: These tiny devices may very well save your life. Well, at least your hearing. So much goes on at school and sometimes you need to block it out. The best words that can leave a teacher’s mouth are, “You may listen to music.” Always have headphones, so you can always be equipped to do just that.
   2. Phone charger: Never leave the house without one in your car or in your bag. Some phones die quicker than others, but having that charger with you can also help you make friends. Loan it to someone if their phone is dead. You never know how much you’ll use your phone at school, so that charger is a good thing to have.
   3. Chewing gum: A pack of this makes you the supreme overlord of the school. Or at least of the classroom. Gum helps you stay awake and tastes good! Just don’t pull it out of your bag or everyone will want a piece.
      4. Hair ties: Even if you don’t have long enough hair to fit in one, your friend might. They can also be used in place of a rubber band if need be.
   5. Chapstick: If your lips are chapped, it can be the most distracting thing on the planet. Bring some chapstick and use it. It smells good, while making your lips feel better.
   6. A planner: Get a planner, notebook, pocket calendar or whatever, because it comes in handy. Write down homework, due dates, football games and anything else that your future self will need to know, because you will forget most of the important stuff.
When going back to school, so many teachers hand out supply lists, but these are some things they aren’t likely to mention.

 Emily Fogleman is a senior at Southern Alamance High School and a Teens & Twenties writer.


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