One Direction impresses Raleigh crowd on its latest tour

Reviewed by CJ Click
Times-News correspondent 

   RALEIGH — If you were in the Triangle last Saturday night, throngs of teenage girls accompanied by their parents could be seen heading to the PNC Arena. For many, it was to be the best experience of the year — seeing the hit boy band, One Direction, in concert.
The show opened with Australian pop-rock band 5 Seconds of Summer. The band explained how it  owed its popularity to One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson. Starting out on YouTube, Tomlinson discovered the band and promoted it through Twitter. Coming out around 7:45, the band played for about 30 minutes.
One Direction came out onto the stage around 8:45, with a curtain dropping to reveal the band members. Some parents were shocked at just how loud the screaming teens could get.
   After a few songs such as “Night Like This,” “I Would,” and “Heart Attack,” Liam Payne commented that the PNC crowd was the loudest they had encountered on the tour thus far. The band then slowed down the show a little with “More Than This.”
Everyone, even parents, could be seen singing every line of songs such as “One Thing” and “C’mon, C’mon.” There was a platform the group stood on that could move out across the crowd, transporting them to a stage set up on the opposite side of the arena and giving a chance for the people in the back to have a good view of the band.
The group also gave parents something to dance to by doing a modified cover of Blondie’s “One Way or Another.” One Direction was so in tune with its audience that it also took requests via Twitter and did several, including Michael Jackson impersonations and doing the Worm dance.
Tears could be seen at various times streaming down the faces of overjoyed girls, including when the band performed “Little Things” or “I Wish.” After some more upbeat hits such as “Rock Me” and “Let Me Kiss You,” the band left the stage.
The band came back out for a two-song encore of “Let’s Go Crazy” and arguably its biggest hit “What Makes You Beautiful.”
The teens (and the parents) in attendance were certainly not disappointed as the group entertained thousands of star-struck concertgoers.

 CJ Click is a rising sophomore at UNC-Chapel Hill and a Teens & Twenties writer.


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