Adulting 101: Three tips for finding your own ‘space’

By Sydney Horton
Times-News correspondent 


Moving out of your parents' house and into your own is an important step toward adulthood. [Metro Creative Graphics

Editor’s note: This is a continuation of Sydney Horton’s Adulting 101 series.
The biggest and scariest next step of adulthood is moving out. These three tips should help soften the blow of taking that leap.
 1. Location — This is probably the hardest part of moving out. You’ve likely become so accustomed to your parents’ home that living in a new area seems daunting. Pick a centrally located place if you don’t mind travel. The benefit of living in a centrally located area is that you aren’t that far from most of the excitement of the cities, but you’re also not totally isolated in the country. If you’d rather walk, pick downtown locations, you’re more likely to be within walking distance to most shops or restaurants.
 2. Rent and mortgages — Renting is great if you’re just starting out. However, to make sure you’re totally ready to move out, make sure you have enough saved up for the deposit, as well as first month’s rent, plus utilities and emergency payments. If you have enough, you can start pricing what fits best in your budget.
Try to stay just below or right at your budget. Going over even by read more…

‘Music Man’ a memorable show

By Sydney Fischer
Special to the Times-News


Joel Knudson (Harold Hill) and Cornelia Barnwell (Marion Paroo) star in Alamance Children's Theatre's production of "The Music Man." [Nick Chester / Times-News correspondent

Editor’s note: Incorrect ticket prices were listed in the print edition on Thursday, March 14. The correct information can be found below.

Alamance Children’s Theatre’s “Music Man” is a show filled with great lessons along with fun songs and dance numbers.
Meredith Willson’s story follows a traveling con man named Harold Hill, played by Joel Knudson. The male lead arrives in River City with the intention of starting a band for young boys and leaving town as soon as he receives the money the locals are tricked into giving him.
Harold Hill soon runs into complications when he develops feelings for Marian Paroo (played by Cornelia Barnwell). Marian Paroo is the local librarian and music teacher who suspects that Harold is, in fact, a shady character.
Cornelia Barnwell could not be more perfect for the role of Marian Paroo. She is able to display the contradicting thoughts and feelings of her complex character in such a perfect way. She does a wonderful job of showing off the stern, hard-to-get, and cold sides of Marian while also displaying the vulnerable, emotional and loyal sides.
Joel Knudson’s high-energy dance numbers and incredible vocal stylings combined for an engaging and entertaining performance.
Cornelia Barnwell’s angelic voice and dance talents are also showcased in several of the show’s songs.
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‘Bernstein and Robbins’ an evening of Americana in dance

By Logan A. White
Times-News correspondent

   RALEIGH  — It’s a melting pot of Americana.
Carolina Ballet’s “An Evening of Bernstein and Robbins,” is being performed now through March 27, 2019, at Fletcher Opera Theater, Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts, 2 E South St.
Beginning the evening of March 8 with a bang, Zalman Raffael’s ‘The Metaphorical Heart” was an exercise in the mesmerizing quality of musicality, showcasing the syncopations and nuances of Leonard Bernstein’s “Piano Trio.” Margaret Severin-Hansen and Richard Krusch wowed with lightning-quick virtuosity, while Jan Burkhard and Sokvannara Sar demonstrated the power of subtlety. Keenan English was also a standout, appearing to fly through the air with crystal clear focus. Each dancer in “Metaphorical Heart” shone in delightful simplicity: with minimalistic costuming and set design, theatergoers could truly appreciate the symbiosis of music and motion.
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