From drab to fab: Tips on decorating your dorm room

By Katie Farrell
Times-News correspondent


Flowers, fresh or faux, add a warmth to any space. Create this do-it-yourself project using a mason jar and flowers. [Katie Farrell / Times-News correspondent

   Though August has come and gone, college students all across the country are still in search of easy, cheap and do-it-yourself   décor that will make their dorm rooms or apartments look like they belong in a magazine spread.
While it may be tempting to spend $30 on that mini, porcelain dog statue, it doesn’t make much sense in the grand scheme of   things. It is much more beneficial for you (and your bank account) to scour through Pinterest for do-it-yourself (DIY) projects   that fit your style.
And, if you’re too busy doing your first week assignments and don’t have time to look through Pinterest, here’s a mix of four   easy, cheap and do-it-yourself decorating ideas.
1. Get some flowers — Everyone loves flowers, so why not have some in your room? One of the easiest things you can do to   brighten up your living space is to add bright flowers to it. Purchase a mason jar, a bag of river rocks or stones and fake flowers   from the dollar store and you have a DIY that will make your room feel like home.
2. Spice up your bulletin board — Most dorm rooms have a bulletin board on the wall, but did you know it can be an easy way   to personalize your room without breaking your building’s rules? With a bulletin board, a few push-pins and photos (ticket   stubs or travel tickets are cute, too) you can turn your wall into a memory board so you aren’t too far from things that make   you happy.
3. Painted canvases — You don’t have to be Picasso to add some paint to your walls (you don’t have to break university rules, read more…

Creative and cost-effective: Thrift stores offer savvy fashions

By Avery Aguila
Times-News correspondent


These Mossimo Supply Co. shorts retail for between $7.49 and $15, but Avery Aguila purchased them for $3.49 at Goodwill in Mebane. [Ian Jones / Special to the Times-News

 The start of a new school year often means empty pockets from back-to-school shopping.
But for all the savvy fashionistas out there, this is an opportunity to be creative as well as cost-effective with shopping at thrift stores.
Thrift stores have a bad reputation to a lot of people, often being seen as cheap, tarnished or unclean places to go.
But I recently decided to put that to the test by finding out, do thrift stores save you money while offering quality product?
I visited Living Free Ministries and Goodwill, both in Mebane.
At Living Free Ministries, a retro yellow tank top by the brand American Eagle Outfitters was purchased for $2.99. Unfortunately, this brand no longer carries that exact tank top, but carries many others similar to it. On the American Eagle Outfitters website, the prices ranged from $14.99 to $24.95.
At Goodwill, a pair of gray shorts by the brand Mossimo Supply Co. was $3.49. The exact shorts couldn’t be found on its website. What I did find was that Mossimo Supply Co. sells their women’s shorts for $7.49 to $15.
My final, and proudest, purchase was a pair of Nike Juvenates. These shoes were $2.99 at Living Free Ministries. The original retail price (found on Nike.com) is $85 before any mark downs.
None of the clothes were damaged. The shoes had been scuffed on the undersides, but it did not affect the appearance.
Thrift stores definitely save you money, while offering not only quality products, but a fun time shopping.

Avery Aguila is a sophomore at Eastern Alamance High School and a Teens & 20s writer.

Advice to high school freshmen

By Paulina Lopez
Times-News correspondent

Paulina Lopez / Times-News correspondent

The high school experience will vary from person to person. It could be the worst four years of a person’s life or it could be the best.
Freshman year sets up the next three years.
As a senior, I look back at my choices freshman year and while there’s so much I’m proud of, there are some things that I would go back and change   if  I could.
To the freshmen who are reading this, please listen to my advice because it could help you get through your first year.
The most important thing to remember is probably the most overused piece of advice ever, but there’s a reason for it. You have to be yourself. School   is stressful on its own, but add the stress of trying to be someone you’re not and you’ll lose your mind.
Listen to the music that you enjoy, dress how you want, dance, sing, draw and do whatever makes you happy. If you’re putting all your energy into   trying to be someone you’re not, then those four years will be miserable. Another thing that could happen is that you lose focus in school or push the   work aside for something that will mean nothing to you years down the line.
Do not slack off your freshman year.
If you’ve heard people tell you junior year is the most important year of high school, know that that’s true, but what is not often mentioned is that   freshman year also is important. If you don’t try at all, you’ll hurt your grade point average (GPA). That GPA will follow you for the next three years.   This being said, if that does manage to happen, don’t be discouraged.
You can do it. You can bounce back. Don’t give up. Celebrate every victory no matter how small. I’m not going to lie, the work in high school is   difficult, so it’s important to be proud of yourself for what you do accomplish. Everyone has different levels of success. Don’t measure your level of   success against others. Only you know how much work you put into something. No matter what grade you get, if you put your absolute all into   something, you are allowed to be proud of it.
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