Pack your bags and go ‘Around the World’

Reviewed by Sabrina Otero
Times-News correspondent

   As the lights come up, the audience is immediately captivated with a mischievous group of five.
   They are introduced as the Troopa Players and appear periodically through the show. After their greeting and explanation, they scurry off.
   Now, the stories begin. In fact, you’re about to go “Around the World in Five Stories.”
   The first adventure the audience embarks on includes a tortoise, elephant, lion and a cheetah. The group is starved and cannot find any resources whatsoever. In this story, each of the animals bicker and take turns taking a trip to a god who speaks of a magical tree that gives food and water. The only trouble is having someone remember the name of the tree.
   The second tale, originating from Europe, describes a young boy and his mother. Being a poor family, they strive to retain whatever they have. Sadly, one day the boy has his bag of flour whisked away by the North Wind. Being the gentleman he is, he goes to the North Wind and asserts himself. The North Wind was unable to give him his flour back but provides him with marvelous gifts instead. The only obstacle to getting these gifts back to his home is a greedy innkeeper.
   The third story takes the audience to South America in a small town. This town is where a Mr. Talon, an aspiring mountain climber, takes residency. Unfortunately, there are no mountains in sight until he hears about Mirror Mountain. Against all of the townsfolk warnings of a monster who lives on Mirror Mountain, the brave Mr. Talon sets off on his journey and begins his misadventure.
   The fourth place the audience visits is Russia. A witch, who spits fire, lives in a hut with chicken feet. A sweet little girl picking berries near her home is taken and only allowed freedom if she works for the witch for three days. After many grueling chores, the girl still has a positive attitude. Unfortunately, for the girl, the witch does not share the same outlook.
   The final adventure will sweep you into a dark night. An older gentleman is cold and looking for a small place to spend the night. When asked, a rich woman, who has more room than needed, refuses to take him in, yet, a woman who has barely anything, welcomes the stranger and shares the little she has. 
   Book your ticket today and set off on an unforgettable family friendly voyage to see the show with talent so great it only took five rehearsals to master.
   Show times are 2 p.m. Friday, 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday at Studio 1, 1332 Plaza Drive, Burlington Outlet Village, Burlington.
   A 25-minute intermission will feature performances by Burlington residents. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased from a cast member or online at

 Sabrina Otero is a home-schooled sophomore and a Teens & Twenties writer.


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