Paramore: A band forever rocking on

“Paramore,” by Paramore. Copyright 2013, Fueled by Ramen. $9.99.

 Reviewed by Jessica Page
Times-News correspondent

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   Like the first chapter in a new book, the first song on Paramore’s latest album, “Fast In My Car,” captures your attention and makes you want to hear more. Paramore still has the amazing rock sound, but some of the songs will surprise you.
“Ain’t It Fun” is one that left me shocked because of how different it is compared to one of its past songs. But the lyrics and beat will get you on your feet and clapping along with the band.
One thing that’s definitely different about this CD is the interludes between songs. The first one, “Interlude: Moving On,” has a ukulele playing while Hayley Williams sings about moving past the people and situations that made things difficult. Song “Part II” has some of the old lyrics from past songs. It shows how Paramore has evolved as a band and Williams’s voice sounds like you’ve never heard it before.
“Last Hope” tops all of the other songs on this CD. It seems that Williams is saying “hey, you are going to have bad days and people who will continue to hurt you,” but the song tells you that you can keep going no matter who or what gets in your way. It’s a great pick-me-up when you feel down.
Anyone can relate to this music; it reaches out to every person — young and old. You’ll cherish it and listen to it tons of times without it getting old. Every time this band releases new music, it just gets better.

 Jessica Page is a home-schooled graduate and a Teens & Twenties writer.


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