Permanent reminder: Decision to get a tattoo shouldn’t be taken lightly

By Michaela King
Times-News correspondent

Tattoo artist Harlow works on a flower-themed tattoo on Brittany Joyner on July 17 at Last Stand Tattoo & Piercing, 1707 Tucker St., Burlington. / Sam Roberts, Times-News

When deciding to get a tattoo, 22-year-old Alex Craven opted for something inspirational.
   A black-and-white heart, Jesus’ hands and a Bible verse (Psalm 34:19) now adorns the Elon resident’s chest.
   “I got this tattoo because it represented something that describes what I believe in, and to support my love for the art,” Craven said.
   Tattoos are not only considered art, but they have been the subject of shows such as TLC’s “LA Ink.”
   Tattoo artists Al Lott and Tink Jones from Last Stand Studio and Lucky Sparrow Tattoo Shop, both located in Burlington, said that clients should not only be selective in what type of tattoo they want, but also should be sure they’re comfortable with their tattoo artist.
   “I care about my clients, they are what bring my business/ name out,” Jones said.
   Lott and Jones said it’s important to research the tattoo studio and make sure that not only it is sanitary, but that safety training has been performed among the artists there. Tattoo artists need amazing artistic skills and training.
   “For every 10 tattoo shops with two to three artists, only five of these artists are professionals,” Lott said.
   Peruse the tattoo artist’s portfolio, as Craven did, and make suggestions if you want something specific.
   Getting a tattoo doesn’t come without risks, either. The use of unsanitary equipment during tattooing can lead to serious health conditions, including hepatitis C and tetanus. And various dyes used in tattoos may cause allergic reactions, as well. While tattoo removal procedures do exist, these can be painful, too.
   Pricing of tattoos vary depending on the size and location of the tattoo itself. And remember, tattoos are permanent — getting a tattoo of someone’s name probably isn’t the best thing to do since relationships can change.

Contact Last Stand Studio at (336) 395-8219 or visit www.laststand and Lucky Sparrow Tattoo at (336) 222-7733.

Michaela King is a rising sophomore home-schooler and a Teens & Twenties writer.


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