Piano Guys deliver unique musical experience

Reviewed by Emma Gadbery
Times-News correspondent

   DURHAM — The sold-out Piano Guys concert at Durham Performing Arts Center on Tuesday night was truly an entertaining experience.
It was a mixture of live music, videos and funny stories told by cellist Steven Sharp Nelson and pianist Jon Schmidt. The Piano Guys started off as a YouTube sensation, posting videos of instrumental covers of popular music, but quickly grew into something that people of all ages could enjoy.
   To recognize its devoted fans, the duo started the evening out with a short video of all the comments left on its original YouTube channel. The show opened with an instrumental offering of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” and ended with One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful.” In between was a mix of romantic, pop, comical and show tunes, with videos of performances in different locations, including the Great Wall of China.
Each song during the two-hour show was awe-inspiring and beautiful in its own special way. The Piano Guys made its audience feel like old friends, sharing the journey to fame, their lives as fathers, faith in God and some of their favorite childhood memories. It was truly amazing how passionate The Piano Guys are about the music. They were a very entertaining duo, incorporating theatrics into the performance. At one point, Nelson pretended to be so bored he started eating potato chips while still playing his cello, giving the bag to an audience member after the show ended.
But the concert didn’t end there. An encore quickly followed, consisting of three more amazing pieces, including “Bring Him Home” from “Les Misérables” as a tribute to our troops.
Playing a unique mixture of modern songs and classical music, The Piano Guys was a wonder to hear. From a beautiful love song, to a mashup of a classical piece and a song from “Kung Fu Panda,” everything written or covered by the Piano Guys showed the talent and creativity of a hard-working partnership and close friendship.

 Emma Gadbery is a home-schooled sophomore and a Teens & Twenties writer.


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