Poll question: What purchase has impacted your life?

By Emily Clark
Times-News correspondent 

   Teens & 20s asked teens and twenty-somethings — “what purchase of under $100 has had the most positive impact on your life in recent months?”
“I have curly hair, and I just got a haircut specifically for curly haired people. It’s so bouncy now and it just makes me confident and happy.” — Carly West, senior at Burlington Christian Academy
“ ‘The Blue Book’ by Jim Branch. It’s a devotion book. It’s great.” — Caleb Vincent, junior at Burlington Christian Academy
“My Dunkin’ Donuts refillable coffee cup. I get iced coffee for 99 cents now whenever I use it.” — Alexandria Mixon, sophomore at Liberty University
“A tie. My father gave me this tie last summer when I went back to China. He said, ‘I wasn’t there when you turned 18, but this tie is for you now. This represents you becoming an adult and taking full responsibility for all of your actions. You are grown up now.’” — John Zheng, senior at Burlington Christian Academy
“Ten dollars for five hours of East Coast Swing Dancing and lessons with my friends. It filled my night with smiles and memories I won’t forget.” — Isabella Shoup, senior at Western Alamance High School

Emily Clark is a senior at Burlington Christian Academy and a Teens & 20s writer.

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