Portable safe haven: Enos have become a ‘hiding place’ from the real world

Macy Greene uses her Eno (a portable hammock) to find a tranquil setting and relax. / Caitlin Durham, Times-News correspondent

By Caitlin Durham
Times-News correspondent

¬†¬† Everyone has different ways of relaxation. Some people may work out or play a sport, while others read a book or take a nap. A recent phenomenon among young people for relaxation and meditation is Enoing. While hanging in the trees throughout the local parks, teenagers have been using an Eno (a portable hammock) as a sort of “hiding place” from the real world.
“I use my Eno as a portable safe haven for my mind. Once I lay down I am able to clear my head of troubling thoughts and pressures, so I can fully appreciate the greater things in life,” shared avid Enoer, Hayley Hughes.
All summer long, people have been Enoing for enjoyment. But when the weather begins to cool down some and the stress of school begins to creep back into the lives of students, they grab their hammocks heading for the trees, but for different reasons than before.
“Nowadays, I feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders trying to keep up with my school work. Having an Eno that I can lay in just about anywhere gives me a sense of tranquility,” explained Macy Greene, a student at Alamance Middle College.
When the weather turns to a chill, people must pack up their Enos and wait for warmer weather to return. Although, this escape is only temporary, it is something that helps tremendously relieve stress; especially if a person chooses flight when it comes down to the Fight vs. Flight method.

 Caitlin Durham is a senior at Southern Alamance High School and a Teens & Twenties writer.


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