Public vs. Home School: Teens & Twenties asks teens what they think

Jennifer Apple / Hannah Kiker, Times-News correspondent

Sarah Jones / Hannah Kiker, Times-News correspondent

Victoria Knudson / Hannah Kiker, Times-News correspondent

Hosanna Vermillion / Hannah Kiker, Times-News correspondent

Sarah Bishop / Hannah Kiker, Times-News correspondent

   Teens & Twenties asked area home-schoolers would you want to be public-schooled and why?
No, I wouldn’t have been public schooled. I was home-schooled all 12 years and it worked best for me because I would not have been able to learn sitting in a class room with 20 other students. People say that home-schoolers miss out on so much, but I never did. I went to prom, I was a part of yearbook, I went on field trips and I got to walk across the stage and receive my diploma. I did everything that public schoolers did the only difference is I got to wear my pajamas and sit in my room to learn everything. — Jennifer Apple, a recent home-schooled graduate
I personally enjoy being home-schooled and I wouldn’t want to change schooling methods, because it works for me. Everyone learns differently, though so home schooling is not for everyone. As long as people have a love for learning, it doesn’t matter what schooling method they use. — Sarah M. Jones, a rising home-schooled senior
Well, I haven’t really had much thought about it since I’ve been home-schooled all my life so I would probably just stick to home schooling and say no to public school. — Victoria Knudson, a rising home-schooled junior
If it were up to myself, yes. I would definitely go to public school. Sadly, my parents are not open to letting me go, so that will probably never happen. Although if I were to go to a public school, I would go because it would prepare me more for the outside world after I graduate high school. Public schools also offer many more extracurricular activities that cost less (are sometimes free) that being home-schooled and on a low budget I can normally not do. — Hosanna Vermillion, a rising home-schooled sophomore
I would not be public- schooled now because I’m in my senior year. If I was younger, I would probably consider if because I love the classroom setting for school. — Sarah Bishop, a rising home-schooled senior

 Compiled by Hannah Kiker, a rising senior home-schooler and a Teens & Twenties writer

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