Put holiday emotions into perspective

Sometimes all the hustle-and-bustle of the holiday season takes a toll on teens. But it helps to keep in mind the “real reason for the season” — the birth of Jesus. / Photo illustration by Sarah Jones / Times-News correspondent

Commentary by Sarah Jones
Times-News correspondent

   Christmas lights, brightly colored packages, and familiar carols all seemed wonderful when life wasn’t so complicated. Family issues, school pressure and new responsibilities can diminish the Christmas spirit in teenagers.
Through all of the future college plans or the sadness caused by older siblings moving out, it is rather understandable that teens become quite nonchalant about the holiday season. Christmas comes with an air of magic, whimsy and hope, otherwise known as the Christmas spirit.    Sometimes, it’s hard to remember all of the magical childhood memories of Christmas and easy to become so negative or even angry about the holiday. Drinking hot cocoa while watching a Christmas movie or wrapping a carefully chosen gift for a loved one are both wonderful.
But maybe teens feel like Christmas is being shoved in their faces. Over-commercialism can really take the delight out of the holiday.
Maybe if teens realized the bigger meaning of Christmas, they’d be more positive about it. There is more to Christmas than gifts and Santa. Love, family, and giving are the lovely non-material aspects of Christmas, but not everyone has those lovely things.
The true meaning of Christmas is simply in the name of the holiday. Christmas was, is, and always will be about Jesus Christ and the hope He brings. Not everyone can have the luxury of a holiday feast with family, but everyone can have Jesus and His love.
It’s possible that if teens would just take time to remember how it felt to be filled with innocence, wonder and belief, then they might find that the Christmas spirit never actually left them.

Sarah M. Jones is a home-schooled high school junior and a Teens & Twenties writer.


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