Rising high school seniors: Don’t be nervous

Emily Fogleman / Times-News correspondent

   With all the Alamance County high school graduations complete, the class of 2015 has officially left the school system and everyone else officially moves up a grade level. For the younger children, it seems to be just another year, but for the class of 2016, it is the start of their year as seniors.
The commencement of your final year in high school is full of lasts. Your last football game, your last pep rally, your last homecoming, your last prom, your last chance to leave your mark on the people you have known nearly your entire life. However, your last gathering with your class is in itself, a first. Your first graduation — the first transition you have in life — a transition from a child and student into an adult with choices of your own to make. Fortunately, this process is not as scary as it seems.
Graduations usually start with a welcome speech from either a high honor student or a school official. The class’ valedictorian and salutatorian give a speech, and the principal addresses the seniors. Of course, reading the names takes the longest amount of time and you have to make sure you don’t trip on the way to get your diploma. Junior marshals are there to help you know when to do what, so hopefully you will stand at the right time. Follow the dress code as well, because that would be a horrible reason to not walk across the stage with your class.
Basically, if you follow the instructions you’re given before the ceremony and during graduation, you will not embarrass yourself or be the reason your school is banned from your graduation venue. People will be there to guide you and everyone else is experiencing their first graduation. Don’t let your final hurrah be dulled by worrying about how graduation will go. Enjoy your final year of compulsory school and celebrate your hard work by graduating.

 Emily Fogleman is a rising senior at Southern Alamance High School and a Teens and Twenties writer.


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