Rock Ensembles’ performance was magical

The Burlington School's Rock Ensembles performed March 28, 2014. / Photo submitted

Reviewed by Madison Strickland
Times-News correspondent

    Last Friday night was rocking as the three rock ensembles of The Burlington School, taught by Lucius Wilson, performed its second concert of the year at the school located on 408 W. Davis St., Burlington.
    The concert had been postponed due to the inclement weather in early March.
tarting at seven o’clock, the first song was sung by Wilson himself; it was Eric Clapton’s “Crossroads.”  Wilson explained his song choice offering that the ancient Greeks believe the point at which three roads merged was “magical.” The venue for the concert, called the “Gathering Space,” is located on the corner of the school’s downtown campus and is surrounded by three city streets. Wilson hoped that magic would prevail throughout the night as his students performed. After Wilson finished his brilliant rendition, the real magic started.
The first band, which for now still goes by Block E (the period in which it has class) covered artists from the Arctic Monkeys to another Eric Clapton song. Block C was next; they kicked off its set by singing “Pride and Joy” by Stevie Ray Vaughan and finished by covering “Come Together” by The Beatles. The final group was Block A, starting with the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “By The Way” and closing the concert with Elton John’s “Honky Cat,” with accompaniment provided by Wilson on the mandolin. Each group offered four or more crowd-pleasing selections.
    Several opportunities for collaboration arose during the night. Having learned the same song, and finding strength in numbers, “Blocks” played together and delivered polished performances. Student experience ranged from three years to this being the first concert for one young lady.
    The attentive audience included students, family and friends, along with faculty and administration.  Frequent scans of the room found heads nodding in beat to the music, and many singing along to the familiar lyrics. As the two-hour concert closed, the crowd cheered and applauded as all three student groups filled the stage to take its final bow.
    Wilson had made the right prediction at the beginning of the show — the evening was indeed magical.

 Madison Strickland is a sophomore at The Burlington School and a Teens & Twenties writer.

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