School of rock: At Elon School, students learn from an experienced musician

Commentary by Craig Beckner
Times-News correspondent

The Elon School's one of three rock ensemble from left to right: Del Ward, Thomas Teapole, Charlie Holt and Craig Beckner practice during class, which is taught by Lucius Wilson (not pictured). / Sam Roberts, Times-News

The Elon School’s Rock Ensemble is the chance of a lifetime.
   It’s a time of expression, freedom, excitement and artistic displays of talent, directed by a talented musician with a great reputation — Lucius Wilson.
   Everyone involved in this class loves the atmosphere and feeling of playing in a band with friends. At the beginning of the year, you don’t know what to expect. But after meeting for the first time, you can pinpoint sound, strength, weaknesses and favorite styles of music.
   Throughout the year, every band will experience and have the choice of rock, blues, jazz and other genres to perform. Challenges include improvisation, theory lessons, sound lessons and life lessons. All of these come with the never-ceasing aid of Wilson, a musician who has played with musical legends such as Tina Turner, Kenny Rogers and The Allman

Brothers Band.
   For my band, he allows an abundant amount of expression and creativity with our improvisational interludes at the start of the class. But stops us for any helpful advice that will lead us to achieve greatness.
   When you finally do get to perform, the lights are on you, amps are buzzing, fingers are shaking and it’s a chance to become one with the music. To some, it may feel rebellious, but to others, it is a helpful class that will lead them on to greater venues.
   It’s the greatest feeling because most of us have wanted to create a band with friends, since we were kids. At The Elon School, that dream comes true with an established class led by an astonishing teacher.

 Craig Beckner is a sophomore at The Elon School and a Teens & Twenties writer.


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