Score some cash doing what you love

Commentary by Catherine Wiggins
Times-News correspondent

   We all know how difficult it is to make money in the summer and it seems to get more difficult every year. There are some easy jobs that don’t even involve leaving the house and then there are others that you have to apply for and train to get the job.
Jobs around your home are easy to find. Ask your parents if you could mow the lawn, clean the outdoor windows, or power-wash the deck and house. House-sitting, pet-sitting and plant-sitting are good options if you have a friend or neighbor who is going on vacation this summer. These simple jobs can score you some quick cash.
Are you good at sports? Do you like outdoors? Do you love math? You might want to consider one of the jobs below.
      Landscaping — Do you like the outdoors? Offer to plant flowers, spread mulch and other things for neighbor or landscaping company.
   Camp counselor — Do you like kids? Consider checking with YMCA or any other after-school care system to see it they have job that involves working with or about kids.
Lifeguard — Most folks like the pool, so why not get paid for hanging out in your favorite summer spot?
Concert/event venue — Wouldn’t you love to see your favorite band or sports event for free (in some instances) and get paid? Check with the White Oak Amphitheatre in Greensboro, the Fillmore in Charlotte, or Walnut Creek Amphitheatre in Raleigh.
Movie theater — What’s not to love? And, not to mention, you get paid.
Tutor — Did you ace your finals this year? If you did, you could help kids with science, math, history and reading.
Sports trainer — If playing sports is something that comes natural to you, then this summer, help encourage kids to play sports and be active.

 Catherine Wiggins is an eighth-grader at Burlington Christian Academy and a Teens & Twenties writer.


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