Senior year a chance to experience ‘what’s next’

Caitlin Durham / Times-News correspondent

   The start of a new school year comes with a variety of mixed emotions that students have become so familiar with — excitement, dread, nervousness and even sadness with seeing the summer end. But with the start of senior year, these emotions take on totally different meanings.
Some students may be dreading this new year because it may be their last year of freedom as a kid. Or maybe this is a dreaded year because it brings about the question, “what’s next?”
Many students do not know what is in store for them after high school, so this last year may be the time needed to figure it out. No matter what is after high school, I am sure most students can agree that they are ready for it.
Senior year is something kids dream about and wish for all their lives. And for some lucky seniors, the excitement comes from getting late arrival or early release every day.
These are the days adults look back on as the best days of their lives; and this time is upon us. With the hectic schedules, college applications, and homework, I challenge all rising seniors to take time to sit back and enjoy the ride.

 Caitlin Durham is a rising senior at Southern Alamance High School and a Teens & Twenties writer.


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