‘September Woods’ tackles difficult subject matter

“September Woods,” by Linda Florke. Copyright 2012, Trafford Publishing. $14.33. 266 pages.

 Reviewed by Kaitlin Gillespie
Times-News correspondent

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Rape is a difficult subject to tackle, and an even harder to read about in-depth.
“September Woods” by Linda Florke takes this hard-to-stomach topic and goes through the process of healing, acceptance and the way a broken family can band together in hard times.
While the idea of the story is rather inspiring, the execution is a little lackluster. The characters seem to never change their mindset and it seems rather stoic at times. The ghost of emotion feels strong, but it never seems fully tangible while reading the book.
The explanation of a rape victim’s feelings and emotions seemed accurate and believable as well as the descriptions of prison life. The determination and perseverance of the main character is commendable and inspiring. While sometimes the language and actions of the characters seems a bit vulgar, it is meant to add to the authenticity of the characters actions and their background.
Due to the intense amount of language, violence and the sexual content, this book would be better for older teens looking for a story of healing or inspiration. Though it is hard to stomach and sometimes hard to relate to, it is not to say that “September Woods” is not worth taking the time to read.

Kaitlin Gillespie is a rising senior at Western Alamance High School and a Teens & Twenties writer.


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