Should drinking age be 18?

Chloe Sharpe

Elizabeth Berkeley

Michael Hall

Chasity Little

Dalton Little

   Teens & Twenties asked five people if the legal drinking age should be 18 or 21 and why — here’s what they had to say:
It should remain 21. Some kids are still in high school, they’re young, new drivers and I feel that the privilege would be abused. When you are 18, your body is finishing up maturing and growing. Alcohol could damage your growing stage. — Chloe Sharpe, junior at Clover Garden School
I believe it should be reduced to 18, because if women and men are allowed to join our nation’s armed forces and fight for our country, shouldn’t they be allowed to enjoy a drink with the people around them? At 18, you are considered an adult, you move out of your parent’s house and are considered responsible for your actions. Yes, most would probably abuse the privilege, but this ‘rule’ is already broken, so why continue to restrict it?” — Elizabeth Berkeley, junior at Clover Garden School
I believe the drinking age should be lowered to 18. While I understand the argument that a legal age of 18 could make alcohol more accessible to high school students, the current drinking age of 21 does little to prevent this accessibility, either.
Rather than try to prevent children from getting to alcohol, our society should focus on alcohol education and the binge drinking epidemic among young people today. Think about the first prohibition ever, the apple in the Garden of Eden. God had two people to watch and they still got into things they shouldn’t have.
Is it even reasonable for us to think that we could enforce simple prohibition such that it would prevent the millions of teenagers in the United States from getting to alcohol? — Michael Hall, high school English teacher at Clover Garden School
It should remain 21. At 18, you are still very young. By having the minimum legal drinking age set at 21, it gives those young minds time to develop so that they will be able to make responsible decisions. — Chasity Little of Gibsonville
It should be 21 because as you get older you make more responsible decisions, and at 21 you won’t be as concerned about ‘fitting in’ or peer pressure from your so-called friends. — Dalton Little, seventh-grader at Clover Garden School

Poll question compiled by Macie Little, who is a junior at Clover Garden School and a Teens & Twenties writer.


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