Showcasing talents: Eastern Alamance High School’s Winter Dance Concert is Dec. 17

By Karissa Ruiz
Special to the Times-News

   MEBANE — The Winter Dance Concert on Dec. 17 is an opportunity for Eastern Alamance High School dance students to “showcase what we have learned throughout the year to our friends and family,” said sophomore Ava Pearson.
The show is at 3 p.m. in the high school auditorium, 4040 Mebane Rogers Road.
A combination of all grade and skill levels as well as Eastern’s dance team will be performing. The students prepare for the concert at the beginning of the semester by learning various movement phrases. The movements are awarded to each class based on their obtainment of each dance. Students must learn to retain the movements and an understanding of the art within a semester. Perfection is not sought throughout these weeks, but each dancer puts in their best effort to assure they receive the most opportunities to display their talents.
         Throughout the concert, students will display numerous performances in styles such as ballet, Broadway jazz, commercial jazz, contemporary and modern dance. The dance also features a candlelit finale which highlights the seniors on stage.
Senior Korina Baldwin said that her most missed aspect of the concert will be “learning and performing the dances.”
Many of the dancers began classes their freshman year and have built a bond with their fellow dancers.
Chase Fleisher, a freshman on the dance team, said her first concert is “a mixture of nervousness and excitement.”
Tanae Walker has inherited the sole position as dance instructor, which has led to plenty of stressful situations. The most challenging part of the concert, for her, has been the “need to stay calm during unexpected emergencies, making quick decisions and having to plan months in advance to ensure a smooth-running concert.”
Dancers in the show may find it hard to execute every move accurately but to make sure everything runs according to schedule those dancers must work as hard as they can.
Cayla Merchel, a junior and first-time member of the dance team, confessed that the hardest part of learning the dances has meant ”not giving up, believing in myself and working hard enough so I will nail the dance.”

Tickets are $5 at the door. For more details, call 919-563-5991.

Karissa Ruiz is a senior at Eastern Alamance High School.

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