Simple & sweet: Valentine’s Day ideas should come from the heart

Times-News correspondents


Valentine's Day plans don't have to break the bank. [Metro Creative Graphics

   Whether you have a significant other or not,   there are things you can do to celebrate   Valentine’s Day — and avoid breaking the bank.
Teens & 20s writers share tips, as well as how   they celebrate the day:
An idea for something to do with your single   friends on Valentine’s Day is to have a photo   shoot. Get yourselves looking nice, find a pretty   location, and get some great pictures of each   other with a camera or even just your phone.   This is the perfect way to celebrate yourself as     an individual person when you don’t currently   have a significant other. — Hollyann Gardner, sophomore home-schooler

   If you don’t have date for Valentine’s Day, going out with a group of friends can just as fun. Bowling or going to see a movie are great ways to spend the holiday with friends. — Jordan Carey, sophomore home-schooler
Just before Valentine’s Day, our home is always coated in sparkly glitter, construction paper in every imaginable shade of pink, fancy hole punches, and heart-shaped doilies. Out of this chaos emerges handmade creations including paper chains, garlands, posters and old-fashioned valentines. Keep your loved ones in mind and get creative this coming holiday. — Chandler Holland, home-schooled high school graduate

One of my favorite things to do with friends that doesn’t cost hardly anything is riding in the car and singing our favorite songs. On Valentine’s Day, it would be fun to sing love songs. — Jakob Miller, junior at Southern Alamance High School
   A cheap way to spend your Valentine’s Day is to spend the day with your friends, your significant other, or even yourself, in your own living room. Put on a cheesy chick flick, grab some popcorn, and enjoy. — Nancy Drago, sophomore at Chapel Hill High School
   I like to go to the movies with friends or just hang out and play our instruments. — Burke King, freshman at Western Alamance High School
   To me, Valentine’s Day is all about spending time with others — not about the gifts you give or receive. The best ways to show that you care are usually the simplest. You could rent your significant other’s favorite films and snuggle up for pizza and a movie marathon, or you could take the time to write genuine, heartfelt letters to your family. The value of love isn’t defined by expense but by emotion. If your Valentine’s Day plans come from your heart, then they’re always the perfect gift. — Logan A. White, home-schooled senior
   It’s easy to get wrapped up in the well-marketed ploy of buying chocolates, flowers, and expensive gifts for the people you love on Valentine’s Day — but when it comes to expressing how you feel it really is the thought that counts. Whether you want to treat your partner, your friends, or your family, making a genuine gesture doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Grab any blanket lying around the house, throw some snacks in a basket, and head out for a fun picnic in the park. You can bring different accompaniments for different people, such as wine with your partner or games with your family. Either way, take lots of pictures and it’s sure to be a an affordable success. — Elspeth Macnab-Stark, high school graduate


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