Simply scary: Creepy effects can be created at home

By Nancy Drago
Times-News correspondent 

Create looks for Halloween using items from home. / Nancy Drago, Times-News correspondent

It’s becoming easier to get perfect creepy Halloween effects these days. A few items can make it simple.
Gashes, scars and wounds are fun to build and can be used for a variety of characters for Halloween. To make an open wound, cotton, liquid latex, some makeup and fake blood is needed. These things can all be purchased locally during the Halloween season. Be sure that the person getting the special makeup effects isn’t allergic to latex or any of the ingredients in the makeup or blood before applying it onto their skin.
The first step is to spread a thin layer of liquid latex on your skin where you want the wound to be. Then, stretch the cotton into the shape of the outline of the cut and gently lay it on top of the latex.
Next, spread latex using a craft stick or even a spoon over the cotton and onto the skin. Allow it to dry completely. A hair dryer will make it go faster.
After the latex dries, you can start painting the gash with makeup. Since this is a cut, the first color used is black as a foundation. Black adds depth to the wound.
The next color used is red. Paint the latex and down onto the skin with the red makeup. Other colors can be used depending on the type of wound you are making. Zombie bites are often shadowed green or yellow. Vampire bites may have purple shadowing. Because it is your creation, you can make it whatever colors you feel fit the injury.
After the painting looks the way you want, add the fake blood. Bloodier isn’t always better. Make sure you give it enough time to dry, too. If you don’t have fake blood, a red lipstick and some Vaseline will work.
There are many other effects that you can make and there are numerous videos and books online that can teach you different tricks and techniques. Some stores even sell pre-made scars and bites that stick to your skin like a temporary tattoo or sticker. These work well if you are in a hurry. If you don’t want to or don’t think you can get the right look on your own, there are professional artists in the area who offer their services. The Original Hollywood Horror Show offers effects makeup and can be reached at

Nancy Drago is a freshman at Chapel Hill High School and a Teens & 20s writer. 

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