Solace in God: Teen channels journey into EP

By Meghna Mahadevan
Times-News correspondent

Area teen Mikayla Brown has released the EP, "Lift My Soul." / Photo by Bonney Girl Photography

Just before July of 2015, Alamance-Burlington Middle College senior Mikayla Brown was undergoing some difficult times in which she “wrestled with not feeling good enough, and having an awful sense of self-worth.”
During this period, she was in pursuit of something that made her feel appreciated and loved, when finally she found solace in God. It was this closer connection with God and His message that inspired Mikayla Brown to pick up a pen, grab a sheet of paper, and write her first song.
Since July of 2015, Brown has released a four-song EP, titled “Lift My Soul.” In the song, “She,” Brown’s key message she is hoping to convey in not only these four songs, but future musical ventures, is that each of her fans and followers understand that they are loved, worthy, and always good enough, and there is nothing they must do to earn that sense of self-worth. Her songs all do an incredible job in relaying this message, and much of Mikayla’s audience has praised both Mikayla and her music for being so uplifting.
In the future, Mikayla hopes to expand her interest in music into a career.
“Music has always been something that I’ve had such a huge passion for. I’ve known since I was pretty young that it’s what I’m supposed to be doing with my life.” She cited Needtobreathe, a Christian rock band, as one of her favorite artists and chief musical influences due to their lyrics and dedication towards their music.
Encouraging all who choose to follow her path in pursuing a career in music, Mikayla advises everybody to actively seek their passions and interests.
“A passion isn’t placed in your heart without reason. Don’t let the world tell you that your passion isn’t ‘realistic’; if you have a passion for something, then pursue it with all of your heart.”
For her, pursuing her passion involves getting an idea, grabbing her journal and guitar, and transforming her thoughts into song.
Mikayla is constantly writing and hopes to release a full-length album soon. For the time being, be sure to give her EP a listen on Spotify.

Meghna Mahadevan is a junior at Western Alamance High School and a Teens & 20s writer.

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