Something simple: Create a ‘Movie Night’ box for friends

By Paulina Lopez
Times-News correspondent 


Create a "Movie Night" box for your friends this Christmas. [Paulina Lopez / Times-News correspondent

   Love and appreciate your friends, but don’t have a lot of money?
Personalized homemade gifts are the solution. These are the best gifts   because they hold so much more meaning.
It is important to think about what means the most to that person when  deciding what to make them. Sometimes something simple could show  your friend just how much you care about them even better than a store- bought gift. Plus, it is like a promise that you will hang out to watch these  movies together and make more memories together.
Last year, I created a “Movie Night” box for a friend.
What you’ll need:

1. Wrapping paper or construction paper
2. A box
3. Your friend’s favorite snacks
4. Your friend’s favorite movies
5. A printer
6. Tape or glue
7. Scissors

How to:

1. Gather materials.
2. Wrap the box.
3. Print clip art of movie theater theme things like shown in the photo
4. Print the clip art.
5. Cut out the clip art.
6. Decorate. Use the glue or the tape to stick them all over the box.
7. Choose the movies you want to give your friend.
8. Place all your items inside the box and present it to your friend.

Paulina Lopez is a senior at Clover Garden School and a Teens & 20s writer.

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