Spreading joy: Caroling is a way to show you care

By Lydia Pankratz
Times-News correspondent

Caroling is a way to spread joy and show others that you care. / Metro Creative Graphics

Christmas caroling can be a wonderful way to   spread joy at Christmastime, even if the   carolers aren’t excellent singers.
“I think it has a loving effect. It is always nice   knowing that you are thought of and cared   about. In my experience the recipient is very   grateful for a visit,” said Jessica Richardson of   Burlington.
She has visited nursing homes and the   homebound to carol.
Caroling can also be a fun group activity for   teens.
“This was a regular event for us each year,”   Richardson said.
One year stands out, though.
“This one year in particular we each had     candles. And you guessed it — by the end of     the night, this one boy had caught the hair of   the girl in front of him on fire,” Richardson said. “No one was seriously harmed.”
According to Richardson, the carolers aren’t the only ones who have something to share.
“I also enjoyed getting to know the people we sang to. All the great stories and knowledge they have,” she said.” ”(We would sing) the classics — ‘Joy to the World,’ ‘the Hallelujah Chorus,’ ‘Away in a Manger’ and ‘the First Noel’ are among the many we sang.”
If you decide to go Christmas caroling, dress warmly — you’ll be outside at least part of the time. Pick songs that are classics and that your group is comfortable singing. You don’t have to sing a lot of songs, three or four are plenty, and you don’t have to sing different ones at each stop (if you make multiple stops). In such a case, the only people who are tired of the same songs will probably be the carolers.
Caroling can be just as much a blessing to those who do it as to those who receive it.

Lydia Pankratz is a home-schooled high school senior and a Teens & 20s writer.

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