Stomp show offers music, comic relief

Reviewed by Jessica Page
Times-News correspondent

   GREENSBORO — Nothing beats an outstanding show like Stomp.
Each performer had something to bring to the table and something original was playing throughout the show Tuesday night at the Greensboro Coliseum.
The stage was set up with tons of items that you wouldn’t think of as instruments such as street signs, trash cans, brooms, paint cans, gas cans, a crutch, buckets and plastic pipes, but they made it work.  Combined with skill in dancing and keeping time with the beat, it was both entertaining and fun to watch. It amazed everyone in the crowd and got them stomping as well.
    One man in the show got everyone to clap with him while he showed off his dancing. A few times, it was a solo performance but every so often, he would be followed by his talented friends and original instruments.
Whenever things got real serious, one performer would come along with a funny dance, a smaller instrument that he tried to make the same noise, making the whole place erupt with laughter.
The second story of the stage was used as well; two guys and two girls were suspended on a rope as they banged on random metal pieces. Some were in the back making just as much noise. It was loud and you could feel the vibration throughout your body.
One other thing was that the guys entered the stage walking on trash cans as stilts; they balanced on them even while dancing and making perfect music. It was difficult to watch because you were so afraid they would fall. But these guys are pros and they definitely knew what they were doing.
There is no doubt that Stomp is a group that knows how to put on a show that’s both filled with dancing and percussion along with good comedy. A performance like this is something you do not want to miss. You will be amazed at the skill they have during each segment. Who’s got the beat? Stomp.

Jessica Page is a home-schooled graduate and a Teens & Twenties writer.




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