Student of Month encourages peers to ‘never give up’

By Sabrina Otero
Times-News correspondent  

Brianna Baker is Student of the Month for February, 2013. / Photo submitted

Leadership comes in various forms, yet it’s a rare trait that many in our generation are often criticized for seldom expressing. Brianna Baker, a sophomore at Western Alamance High School, isn’t afraid to lead by example. Recently, Teens & Twenties spoke with both Brianna and Robin Baker, Brianna’s mom, who nominated her for February’s Student of the Month.
Teens & Twenties: What qualities does Brianna possess that inspired her nomination for student of the month?
Robin Baker: Brianna is co-sophomore class president, participates with the church youth band, serves as a  church youth student leader, has helped chaperone middle school events, and has served  300 hours by volunteering at the Village of Brookwood.
Teens & Twenties: What are some of Brianna’s recent achievements?
Robin Baker: She just finished participating in a great show — she played the lead role as Alice in the “Alice in Wonderland” musical with Teen to Teen Theatre and she is currently in Western Alamance’s production of “Hairspray.” Brianna participates in HOSA club, Science Club, History Club, Envirothon Team and student government.
Teens & Twenties: In what ways is Brianna an example for others?
Robin Baker: Brianna is a phenomenal student. She is a leader in academics with four AP classes; she’s in several athletic programs: running, volleyball, and basketball, and she is the sophomore class president.
Teens & Twenties: What do others say about Brianna?
Robin Baker: Brianna serves as a terrific leader to all peers. She is completely selfless and dedicated to the Lord and helping others and has an angelic voice and God-given natural talent for musical theater. “
Teens & Twenties: What goals do you have?
Brianna Baker: To graduate in the top 10, attend a prestigious university, and to become a tri-varsity athlete next year (volleyball, winter track and track).
Teens & Twenties: Where do you see yourself five years from now?
Brianna Baker: I hope to become an oncologist or pathologist when I am older to help out even more.
Teens & Twenties: What advice would you give to other teens seeking to make a difference?
Brianna Baker: “Set a goal and don’t stop until you achieve it. Roadblocks and setbacks don’t mean you’re a failure; never give up.”

Sabrina Otero is a sophomore at the Alamance-Burlington Middle College and a Teens & Twenties writer.


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