Student of Month enjoys volunteering

By Rebecca Herter
Times-News correspondent

Emily Thouin is 2012's December's Student of the Month. / Photo submitted

Emily Thouin, December’s Student of the Month, has been described as “having an incredible heart for the needy and elderly.”
   “Emily wants to make a difference in the world and works hard to accomplish that each and every day,” said her mother, Joy Isley.
   A junior at River Mill Academy, Emily has volunteered for a number of causes in Alamance County. Her interest in volunteering started when she was 10 years old at Fire District 28, where she cleaned tables and served tea during their three annual fundraisers. Three years later, Emily volunteered at Alamance Regional Medical Center and has continued volunteering there for four years.
   Two years ago, Emily volunteered at Twin Lakes Retirement Community at the Memory Care Center and last year, she worked in the café, helping the residents of assisted living plan their meals.
   She has volunteered at Alamance Eldercare for several years helping with its SuperBowl fundraiser and last year she had the opportunity to volunteer with Special Olympics helping to qualify golf athletes for the Special Olympics.
   As an extracurricular activity, Emily is also part of a cross country team. In her spare time, she rides and shows horses.
   She is frequently on the A or A/B Honor Roll and her mother says that Emily “works very hard, studying, working at her job and volunteering that it doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for herself.” Emily believes in “work(ing) hard to get good grades and to achieve your goals.”
   She hopes to attend East Carolina University, West Carolina University or the University of North Carolina Greensboro after graduation and is interested in receiving a degree for nursing in either neonatal or emergency care.

 Rebecca Herter is a home-schooled junior and a Teens & Twenties writer.


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