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‘Sweet smile & genuine heart’: Karissa Teer is July’s Student of Month

By Kaitlyn Parham
Times-News correspondent 


Karissa Teer is July's Student of the Month. [Photo submitted

Those who know Burlington Christian Academy (BCA) graduate Karissa Teer will tell you that she is a hard-working student, a devoted friend and a selfless leader. This month, she was able to add another honor to her long list of accomplishments — Times-News Student of the Month.
Ginger Canovai, who works in the office of advancement at BCA, said that she was a perfect candidate for this honor.
“Karissa’ s name is one that I heard all over campus this year as a student who always went above and beyond in every aspect of her life. Teachers, parents, and students alike all love her sweet smile and genuine heart,” Canovai said.
Karissa was accepted into Georgetown University early this year, and will attend the prestigious college in the fall.
“She is an exemplary student, dedicated athlete, passionate community volunteer and stellar young life example to all those behind her in years. I am in no doubt that she will excel not only at Georgetown University but in whatever task is before her for many years to come,” Canovai added.
Karissa’s abundant selflessness extends throughout the community as well, as she has a great respect and compassion for the elderly. For the past two summers, Karissa has been involved with the Twin Lakes YESS! Program, allowing her to spend time with residents and serve as a mentor to other volunteers. Karissa has also spent numerous hours volunteering at the Children’s Museum of Alamance County, and tutoring younger students in English and Math through a tutoring program at BCA.
Karissa’s parents, Gary and Sammantha Teer of Burlington, have witnessed her grow tremendously over the years.
“Karissa was a shy and timid child who was afraid to speak to people, even family members,” Gary and Sammantha Teer said. “Over the years, particularly her junior and senior year, Karissa has grown into a confident and articulate young lady who can converse with anyone and is a great public speaker. The best part of watching Karissa grow up has been that she has always remained thoughtful, considerate, generous and intuitively kind.”
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June’s Student of Month ‘excels in everything he tries to do’

By Lydia Pankratz
Times-News correspondent

Seth Tysor is Student of the Month for June 2018. / Photo submitted

Theron Few of Mebane describes his grandson, Seth Tysor of Graham, as “a diligent student who has made every effort to get the most out of his studies, and his grades show it.”
This is one of the reasons that Theron nominated Seth for June’s Student of the Month.
Theron also said that Seth has excelled in everything he’s tried to do, and particularly mentioned that Seth is a good driver.
Seth says he is honored to have been chosen Student of the Month, and that it is special to him that his grandfather would nominate him.
“I just really want to thank the folks who chose me, and everyone who’s had an impact on my life so far — my parents,friends and family,” he said.
Seth is an Alamance County native, a rising senior at Southern Alamance High School, and the only child of Cliff and Lisa Tysor. His paternal grandparents are Barney and Smithie Tysor of Graham, and his maternal grandparents are Theron and Darlene Few of Mebane.
He has big goals for the future and he’s working toward them even while he’s out of school for the summer. He hopes to be either a neurosurgeon or a cardiothoracic surgeon. After he graduates from high school, he hopes to take pre-med at UNC-Chapel Hill, and attend medical school at either Duke University or at UNC-Chapel Hill. He is doing an internship this summer with a doctor at UNC-Chapel Hill, and is also volunteering at Alamance Regional Medical Center once a week.
He also is involved in varsity sports at Southern High School.
“Every year I do three varsity sports — cross country, indoor track and tennis,” he said.
Seth says his favorite thing about school, besides learning new things, is the long-lasting friendships he’s made.
“I love getting to know what drives people, what motivates them,” he added.
Seth has volunteered with several projects including organizing blood drives at Southern High School. He’s also helped raise money for the American Cancer Society and Relay for Life.
“He’s a well-liked, happy student,” Theron said.
“He’s exemplary in everything he tries to do,” Darlene Few added.

Lydia Pankratz is a recent homeschool graduate and a Teens &20s writer.

Student of the Month enjoys ‘giving back’

By Nancy Drago
Times-News correspondent


Mariah Smith is February's Student of the Month. [Photo submitted

   Mariah Smith, a seventh-grader at Southern Alamance Middle School, is February’s Student of the Month.
Mariah said she was “extremely shocked” to receive this honor.
Mariah has a close relationship with her grandmother, Wendy Jordan, who nominated her. Mariah is the daughter of Cameron and Cierra Smith of Burlington and has a younger sister named Chloe.
“She’s a good student. She doesn’t have to be told to keep her academics up,” Wendy said.
Of Southern Alamance Middle School, Mariah said, “everyone there is really nice, it’s a really good school.”
She manages her time wisely and sticks to a schedule. Her favorite classes are social studies and language arts.
“I like learning about the world around me and what has happened in the past,” Mariah said.
Mariah takes chorus as an elective. In her free time, she writes, reads, draws and sews.
She does a lot of work with her community. She was selected to be part of the Alamance Youth Leadership Academy.
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Leif Eckstrand always ‘happy to help’

By Zoie Nelson
Times-News correspondent 

Leif Eckstrand is Student of the Month for August, 2016. / Photo submitted

As Burlington Christian Academy senior Leif Eckstrand begins to fill out his college applications, he’ll be able to add one more honor onto the already long list of honors achieved while in high school — Times-News Student of the Month.
Mary Thomas Gilbert, who works in the Advancement office of BCA where Eckstrand goes to school, said when she saw a flier about Student of the Month, Eckstrand instantly came to mind.
“He is always gracious and kind and happy to help when you need a hand,” Gilbert said. “Leif is so polite and respectful. He has excellent interpersonal skills and communicates well with adults and peers alike.”
Eckstrand stands out with his impressive scholarly honors. He has been on the A Honor Roll every year he has been in school and currently takes either all Honors or Advanced Placement (AP) classes. He received the award for the highest GPA (grade point average) in Honors Biology, Honors Geometry, Honors Algebra and Honors Anatomy, Christian Foundations I and II, Spanish I and II and Honors Chemistry. He also received the award for the highest GPA in Environmental Science. He was also a Junior Ambassador at BCA’s graduation last year, which places him in the top academic percentile of his class.
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Jonathan Hester is an ‘authentic’ volunteer

Jonathan Hester is May 2016's Student of the Month. / Photo submitted

By Jakob S. Miller
Times-News correspondent

   Authentic is a word that isn’t just thrown around when describing someone. However, it is certainly applicable to Southern Alamance High School senior Jonathan Hester. Jonathan is someone who is easy to be around, and was described by Dr. Rosemary Fischer as completely himself in the natural way he is able to relate to persons of varying abilities, ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, etc.
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Student of Month has ‘strong desire to change the world’

Emily Herry is Student of the Month for August, 2015. / Photo submitted

By Allison Tate
Times-News correspondent

   For most teenagers, summer is a time to relax by the pool with friends or to binge-watch entire TV series on Netflix, but Emily Herry, August’s Student of the Month, has bigger plans than that.
Emily, a freshman at Alamance Community College, spent her summer as a counselor at Camp Mundo Vista, a Christian girl’s camp right outside of Asheboro. Since her first trip to the camp, Emily was sure that she wanted to be a counselor to young girls and teach them about God.
“Camp has always been an amazing place to go as a camper and I truly love the fellowship and the feeling of being closer to God that I always get when I’m there,” Herry said.
In addition to being a camp counselor, Emily enjoys working part-time at the acting company, Teen 2 Teen Theatre in Burlington. Emily helps around the theater and is eager to participate in Student Directing, a program where a high school read more…

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