Student of the Month exemplifies good character

Michael Davern is December's Student of the Month for 2014 / Photo submitted

By Doria Worden
Times-News correspondent

   The drum major in a band is the premier position for a member, a role of great responsibility and leadership entrusted to only the most talented musicians.
For Michael Davern, sophomore at Western Alamance High School, drum major is just one of many leadership positions he holds in the community.
April Simpson-Coble, an English teacher at Western Alamance, nominated Michael for Student of the Month.
Michael is the son of Jack and Janice Davern. He started band in middle school and continued when he reached high school, adding several instruments along the way. He plays trumpet, baritone and trombone as well as leading the band in its songs on and off the field.
“It takes a lot of practice, but once you get up to where you are it’s a lot of fun,” Michael said. He credited his interest to his sister, Carolynn, who is 18 years old. “My sister, she was in music a lot, so I kind of did what she did and then I really liked it, too.” Music seems to be a common trait among Michael and his siblings, as his little brother Jacob, 8, is beginning to be musically inclined as well.
Along with his young leadership of the Western Alamance High School marching band, Michael also is the student council sophomore class treasurer. The student council holds an annual canned food drive. This year, the incentive for the drive was to “pie a principal,” an honor that was bestowed on none other than Michael himself. Michael and his fellow student-elected leaders plan many other community-enriching events throughout the year. A collaboration with Project Green, Western Alamance’s recycling club, brought a 5K fundraiser to the list of successes that Michael and the student council planned.
Throughout his years of schooling and musical study, Michael also made time to be a dedicated Boy Scout. He began as a Cub Scout at age 6. Now he is working on his Eagle Scout, which is the highest rank and a great honor to achieve. To become an Eagle Scout, a service project of the member’s choice must be completed.
“I was planning on making public service announcements for the ABSS school system about different topics, things like texting and driving and first aid,” Michael said. He said he hopes to complete his project at the end of next year.
Along with his Eagle Scout community service plans, Michael frequently volunteers at Alamance Arts, participating in the different events the organization holds throughout the year.
If all of these accomplishments weren’t impressive enough for a high school sophomore, Michael always is a positive influence on everyone around him.
“Michael is witty. He has a fun joke to tell or a story that will have you laughing all the time,” said Jack Davern, Michael’s dad. “He will add to a conversation and make those around him feel good. He lifts spirits of others by bringing light to situations with a different perspective. He smiles all the time and rarely complains about a bad day.”

 Doria Worden is junior at Western Alamance High School and a Teens & Twenties writer.


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