Student of the Month hopes to become a sports reporter

 By Kari Spencer
Times-News correspondent

Mikayla Cisna, a 20-year-old student in the Alamance Community College (ACC) transfer program, is December’s Student of the Month. Her mother, Kelly O’Reilly, nominated her and said “She is an all around great person. I could not be more proud of all her accomplishments, and the kind and caring young adult she has become.”

Cisna has a part time job, does volunteer work, tutors other ACC students and still manages to do all of this while maintaining high grades in school. When asked about her college choice, she said, “I’m doing their transfer program, and I choose ACC because hey have an arts degree where you can transfer to different universities.”

She said wants to go into broadcast journalism and perhaps become a sports reporter.

Mikayla Cisna

Cisna said she enjoys sports, dogs, Spanish and volunteering. She is active at St. Marks Church and volunteers with its sports program for elementary students. She encourages others to get involved with this great program by contacting the church.

 While she is a strong student now, Cisna admitted that she struggled as a high school student in Wisconsin.

“I wasn’t a really strong student in high school; I was lazy,” she recalled. “So, I had to really start focusing and concentrating. Now I do really well with my focus.”

It’s this focus, along with her family, that keeps her striving to do her absolute best.

In the meantime, Cisna offered this advice for other students: “Pick a major that you can actually see yourself working in, and make sure that it is something you like, because it makes it easier to do better.”

Kari Spencer is a homeschooled freshman and a Teens & Twenties writer.



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