Superhero Ball set for Friday at May Memorial

By Joshua Fitzgerald
Times-News correspondent

    May Memorial Library is holding a “Superhero Ball and Summer Reading Kickoff” from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Friday, June 26, 2015.
The concept of a “superhero ball” may sound somewhat unusual as superhero costumes generally seem confined to video gaming dens and Cosplay (role-playing) conventions. In this event, May Memorial is eliminating this misconception, as teenagers aged 13 to 18 will be able to dance dressed up as their favorite hero.
The character can be from any franchise. The characters that the guests dress as do not just have to be from Marvel Comics or DC; the guests can even come up with their own hero or villain and come dressed as him or her. This has an interesting repercussion: namely, that some truly bizarre characters are going to appear at the event. The event’s coordinator is planning on appearing as the rather obscure (except in Christian circles) hero LarryBoy, for instance.
    At the event, there will, of course, be dancing, as well as numerous events. There will be a costume contest split into homemade and store-bought categories in which the winners will receive $50 Amazon gift cards, as well as photo booths for both heroes and villains, snacks and craft tables with crafts such as “Build-a-Baymax” and “Create a Mask.”
Those who will want to curl up with a good book and momentarily get away from the action will have access to the Young Adult and Fiction sections, where they can choose a book out of the library’s expansive selection.
The whole purpose of the event is to be a kick-off for the library’s Summer Reading Program. According to Alexis Vivian, coordinator of the event, the “Superhero Ball and Reading Kickoff” is supposed to kick off this program.
At the event, she says she is going to “talk to everyone a little bit about what we’re going to try to do to get you to read for six weeks.”
May Memorial Library is at 342 S. Spring St., Burlington.For more information about the reading program and the “Superhero Ball and Reading Kickoff,” go to www.ala Admission is free.

 Joshua Fitzgerald is a home-schooler and a Teens & Twenties writer.


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