Sweet Sixtieth

 Commentary by Marc Gutierrez
Special to the Times-News

 George Bulldog and company are back and better than ever in this year’s Williams High School Homecoming Show, “George’s Sweet Sixtieth,” performed by the choral department under the direction of Laura Sam.

Williams High School's Homecoming Show is Sept. 26, 2011. Photo by Jon Upchurch / Special to the Times-News

The show’s title is in reference to the 60th anniversary of the school’s founding, which was in the fall of 1951. The show centers around George Bulldog, the “star quarterback” of the Williams Bulldogs football team, and his friends as they try to “win the big game.”

The show will be at 7 p.m. Sept. 26, 2011, in the Williams High School Auditorium, 1307 S. Church St., Burlington. Tickets are $5 at the door.

George is portrayed by senior Cameron Vaughn. George’s friends are all set to celebrate his 60th birthday until they receive an invitation from pop star Miley Cyrus to attend a lavish Super Sweet Sixtieth birthday bash, a reference to the MTV show “My Super Sweet Sixteen.”


Despite reservations expressed by George’s sensible girlfriend, Georgette, portrayed by senior Rebecca Jordan, the Bulldogs decide to attend the celebration. The other Bulldog characters include the motivational Benny, portrayed by senior Julius Tunstall; Dexter the gamer, portrayed by sophomore Syan Iwaniac; the emotional roller coaster Becky, portrayed by senior Lauren Edwards and the lovably awkward Mary Katherine, portrayed by senior Michelle Glahn.

 Little do the Bulldogs know that Miley Cyrus, portrayed by senior Tess Boyle, has a huge celebrity crush on George and is actually working with the Rockingham Cougars to kidnap the Bulldogs. This way, the Cougars can win the big game, and Miley can have George to herself.

The Cougars, named after the team the real Bulldogs play during its Homecoming game, are a zany band of misfits. Led by pop star Miley, they include the spoiled-rotten teenager Bianca, portrayed by senior Leigha Martinelli; Vicki, Bianca’s personal assistant, who thinks she is in charge of everyone, played by senior Sara Russell; the overly competitive jock Sam, portrayed by senior Natalie Damman and Princess Giselle, loosely based off the princess from the movie “Enchanted,” portrayed by sophomore Hannah Thigpen; Martha, based off of celebrity homemaker Martha Stewart, portrayed by senior Lauren Bonney, and Buddy the Elf, based off of Will Ferrell’s character in the movie “Elf,” portrayed by me.

This year’s production was written entirely by students. Seniors Michelle Glahn and Cameron Vaughn, in addition to playing major roles, wrote the entire script this summer. They were also responsible for selecting the musical numbers, from S Club 7’s “Reach” to the Hall and Oates smash-hits “Private Eyes” and “You Make My Dreams Come True.”

Vaughn said that performing as George was the most rewarding part.

“It’s always so much fun to perform and see the audience’s reaction and get to perform with friends,” he added.

The audience will find that the jokes and comical illusions have been taken to a whole new level this year.

“The humor this year is unlike any other,” Glahn said. “This is the funniest show yet!”

 For more details on the show, call the school at (336) 570-6161.

Marc Gutierrez is a senior at Williams High School.


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