‘Sword of Peace’ celebrates 40 years of history, fun

Reviewed by Christian Hornaday
Times-News correspondent

Puja Tolton, Spencer Miller, Kevin Reams and Melanie Reece rehearse a scene from the Snow Camp Outdoor Theatre's "The Sword of Peace." / Sam Roberts, Times-News

SNOW CAMP — It seemed fitting that the Snow Camp Outdoor Theatre celebrated the 40th anniversary season of “The Sword of Peace” on the Fourth of July since William Hardy’s play is about the Quakers’ involvement in the Revolutionary War.
On this patriotic night, Mike Hardy (William’s son) talked about the staying power of the outdoor drama, how drama was born on an outdoor stage and has weathered the storms of the years and will continue to do so on in to the future. The audience was then transported back into the time of Colonial settlement.
The characters of this historical drama show how these peaceful, God-loving people were thrown into confusion and hardship when the British government began to take advantage of the colonists through taxing and imposing restrictions on their lives. The Quakers were surrounded by people whose opinions of war were not the same as theirs.
   Thomas Hadley, played by Spencer Miller, was a young Quaker who felt pulled to act against the government by Mary Pugh, the love of his life, played by Puja Tolton. Thomas was unsure whether or not he wished to pick up the sword or war or the sword of peace, however when the time came for him to look down the barrel of a musket and see the life of another man was in his hands, he quickly knew on which side he stood.
After 40 years, the Snow Camp Outdoor Drama continues to be a delight to people of all ages, serving as a living museum of the struggles of people who lived on the same soil as the people of Alamance County do today. It reminds theatergoers of the struggles the colonists overcame to gain America its freedom and is worth the trip to Snow Camp.

 Christian Hornaday is a rising senior at Southern Alamance High School and a Teens & Twenties writer.


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