Take the opportunity to ‘bless someone today’

Commentary by CJ Click
Times-News correspondent

CJ Click / Times-News

Do you ever change the radio station when the hosts start talking excessively? I do most of the time. For some reason, as I was listening to a Christmas station a while back, I decided to listen to what a caller had to say. I’m glad I did because he taught me a valuable lesson.
The man was talking about the Christmas he remembered best as a child. He recalled that his teacher in the first grade had each child tell the class what he or she wanted from Santa Claus. There was one girl, he remembered, that said all she wanted for Christmas was a coat to keep her warm.
   For some reason, this sat on the man’s heart and he begged his mom to buy a coat for his classmate in case Santa forgot about her. His mom compromised, saying that if Santa did in fact forget about her and she didn’t get one for Christmas, they’d get her one. Well the little girl and her family had to move during winter break, and he never saw her again. He stated that every Christmas he thinks about her and wonders where she is at and if she ever got her coat.
   This story touched me and made me realize that the opportunities to bless someone are presented to us, not to be acted upon next month, next week, or even tomorrow. God gives us these opportunities for us to act on today. And by blessing someone else, you may just be blessed yourself.
   I hope you take every chance you get to bless someone who is in need of a helping hand. You may lose the chance and it could end up haunting you for the rest of your life like that man on the radio. Ask yourself a simple question when you wake up each morning: “How can I bless someone today?” The results will not only benefit the world we live in, but yourself as well.

CJ Click is a freshman at UNC-Chapel Hill and a Teens & Twenties writer.


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