Teen writers ‘had it their way’ at Burger King

Commentary by CJ Click and Braxton Rickert
Times-News correspondents

This week, we had it our way with Burger King. Despite low expectations by our previous experiences, we were swept away by our BK adventure.

We walked through the door at the Graham restaurant and shortly thereafter were greeted by a friendly associate. While we ate, the same employee that greeted us came out, straightened up and threw away some trash on the floor. All this he did while catering to other customer’s needs.

That being said, the customer service was superb. The cashier made sure that the he heard the order correctly, and made sure he executed it in a swift manner. Ordering the same general meal that we have at every establishment (a chicken sandwich, fry, soft drink and dessert), we received our meal in a little under 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

The food quality was not much different than that of the other restaurants we have tried out, but the atmosphere was better, thus enhancing the eating experience.

The nutritional information was clearly posted in a visible area at the front of the restaurant. The nutritional information is also available on its website. Our aforementioned meal that we got still had a lot of calories, 1,690 to be exact. There were 77 grams of fat in the meal, along with 2,341 milligrams of sodium and 264 grams carbohydrates. While this isn’t great, it is easy to forget how unhealthy the food is with the service received.

All in all, throughout our tour of the fast food giants, Burger King is definitely the “King” of the industry so far. You are really treated like “royalty” while there. And despite the creepy (yet funny) mascot, the food was good, and the customer service even better.

Check back in next week as we tackle the granddaddy of all the fast food restaurants — McDonald’s.

 CJ Click and Braxton Rickert are seniors at River Mill Academy and Teens & Twenties writers.

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