Teens’ favorite frightening flicks

Compiled by Logan A. White
Times-News correspondent

One of the best ways to embrace the spooky season is enjoying the thrill of a good horror movie. Teens & 20s asked five area teens “what is your favorite horror movie and why?” Check out one of their picks or dust the cobwebs off a personal favorite when celebrating Halloween.

Rikeah Johnson

“The Babadook.” I just think it was very different, it was dark, demented and it used a creature straight from a children’s book, what could haunt your nightmares more than something of that sort. —  Rikeah Johnson, a senior at The Burlington School.
    My favorite horror movie is the “SAW” movie series. I think that they’re all good movies and they’re all really scary. — Tommy L. Phipps, a junior at Southeast Guilford High School.
“It Follows.” It’s my favorite movie because instead of using the typical scary movie tactics such as spirituality, violence and unfortunate events. “It Follows” depicts sexual transmitted diseases as a monster each character must individually battle. The figure that characterizes each disease personally knows the fears and weaknesses of each victim. To me this is what makes this movie truly terrifying and enjoyable. — Alyxandria Ransom, a senior at Cedar Ridge High School.
My favorite horror movie was “The Purge.”On the simple base of how it makes you think about the ‘what if?’ question.

Tommy Phipps

What if this really happened in the 21st century? It made you think about life differently and at the same time had you in your seat scared out of your mind. — Job Williamson, a junior at Williams High School.
“The Village.” I love the psychological thrill that it gives you. I also like that it uses symbols throughout the whole movie to terrify you. — Zoe Steenwyk, a home-schooled junior.

Logan A. White is a home-schooled junior and a Teens & 20s writer.

Zoe Steenwyk

Job Williamson

Alyxandria Ransom

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