Teens & Twenties writers share their Christmas memories

   Christmas has always been a time in which we celebrated Jesus’ birth. My Nanny and Papow have always taught me that the holiday season is not about the gifts, food, or even the family bonding. While all of those things are nice, and certainly make for a great Christmas, the real reason for the holiday festivities is to celebrate the birth of the Savior of men and women. A time of remembrance for a little baby who was 100 percent man and 100 percent God, who was born to die for you and me.

CJ Click, senior at River Mill Academy

   In 2004, my family decided to stray a bit from the traditional realm of the holidays. Instead of staying home, we traveled to Orlando and visited Walt Disney World and SeaWorld. The weather was warm; we wore short-sleeved shirts during the day and even went swimming in the outside heated pool at night. We sat up a mini-Christmas tree on the TV cabinet in our hotel room and exchanged a few gifts on Christmas Eve.

   Our Christmas Eve feast was breakfast-for-dinner at Waffle House (it was one of the only places still open!) For me, Christmas is about spending time with the people you love the most and celebrating the birth of Christ. The trip allowed us to create irreplaceable memories and come to realize that Christmas isn’t about where you are, it’s about who you’re with and the love you share with one another.

 Holly Bouldin, sophomore at Alamance Community College

   When I was kid, one of the best parts about Christmas was the tree. The kids in my family (there are eight of us) had a tradition that, on the first night we set up the tree, we would pile our pillows and blankets underneath the lowest branches and camp-out.

   We would giggle in excitement and make up stories until our parents finally shushed us. Sleeping under the Christmas tree lost its appeal when we became teenagers, but I still hope to carry on the tradition when I have children of my own.

                                                                                                                            Candace Hall, student at Alamance Community College

   One of my favorite Christmas memories was when my dad’s side of the family played “Dirty Santa.” Everyone kept stealing each others presents. We do it every year, so it never gets old. It’s a lot of fun and hilarious.

   Christmas means a lot to me. I get to see family I hardly see around this time. Plus the decorations, memories, and my church’s Christmas service always makes the holidays special. It makes you the happiest person in the world to have people around you to share it with.

 Jessica Page, senior home-schooler

    When I think of Christmas, I think of my church’s Christmas play. The way the youth at my church come together to show what Christmas is really about helps us form special bonds, and makes us like one big family. It seems like every year, the play helps us to turn our focus back to what Christmas is really about : The manger.


Kari Spencer, home-schooled freshman

 What Christmas Means to Me                             

 There’s lessons to be taught and learned,

Cookies to be cooked, not raw or burned,

Cards to be written and carols to be sung,

And a million glass ornaments, all to be hung.

Lots of presents to buy, so shop smart,

Ads for good deals at this or that ’mart.

A “Merry Christmas” to a store employee,

Who can be fired if he says it to me.

Something once so sacred, holy, and bright,

Now is commercial, to the economy’s delight.

As for me, I’ll be grateful for one gift, all others above,

What this season is truly about, God’s undying love.

So after a meal of extravagance, sitting by the tree,

I know I’ll love all I unwrap, but I’ll also adore the nativity.

 Rachel Anne Spencer, home-schooled junior

   My favorite Christmas tradition is when we decorate our Christmas tree as a family. Each year, we put on holiday music and get out the eggnog before we start. Then we get out our huge box of ornaments and start decorating. The reason this is so special to me is because our ornaments are not just fancy red and green balls, they are ornaments from places we have traveled, baby pictures and personalized ornaments. My two brothers and I put on our own personalized ornaments before hanging up any others. It’s really neat to rememember all the good memories that our ornaments represent. This time with my family starts off a season of love, family and holiday cheer.

 Katie Kaczynski, junior at Western Alamance High School

   My favorite memories would have to be, every year I ask for something impossible to find and somehow my dad will find it. He also wraps it really weirdly so I can’t figure it out.

 Matt Herter, freshmen at Hawbridge School

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