‘The 5th Wave’ is a thrilling read

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 “The 5th Wave,” by Rick Yancey. Copyright 2015, Speak (512 pages, $10.99)

 Commentary by McKinley Webster
Times-News correspondent

   “The 5th Wave” is the first book in a dystopian series with a third book coming out later this year. It follows a teenage girl named Cassie and how she survives the current situation Earth is in at the moment. Other characters include Sammy (Cassie’s little brother), Ben, Ringer and Evan. Each character has his or her own story to tell.
This book is fast-paced, action-packed and suspenseful. It will keep you on the edge of your seat, wondering what will happen next and who to trust.
Get ready to gasp (at least once or twice) following the shocking revelations.
It’s so good that you may want to reread it just to be thrilled again.

McKinley Webster is an eighth-grader at Western Alamance Middle School and a Teens & Twenties writer.


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