The Illusionists present a mystifying show

By Bret Pierce
Times-News correspondent 

“]The Illusionists performed this weekend at DPAC. [Photo submitted]

DURHAM – One of The Illusionists’ first magic tricks at DPAC on Friday involved an   Alamance County woman.
Sherri Dyer, a realtor, was picked to come on stage by Colin Cloud, the   Deductionist.
Cloud asked everyone in the audience to think of three numbers and using her   smartphone, Dyer added the numbers, which resulted in the number of people in the   audience – 2,666; the date – 5/11/18; and the time - 8:12 p.m.
That was just the beginning of a mystifying show.
In addition to the Deductionist,  the show included: The Daredevil (Jonathan   Goodwin); The Trickster (Jeff   Hobbs); The Inventor (Kevin James) and The   Manipulator (An Ha Lim), some of the world’s top magicians collaborated to create a   magical spectacle unlike any other.
From being funny to working the audience well, The Illusionists were more than     magicians – they were showmen. The show was fun for everyone – even those who   don’t know much about magic.
The magicians didn’t just stand on stage – they came into the audience to perform.   The Inventor actually came to our row and performed a trick in which he made   tissue paper “dance” and then it was transformed into a real rose.
They were able to bring the relevance of magic away from just card tricks (although   there were some of those). This show is a return to the old vaudevillian style of   performing, which is fitting since The Inventor’s ancestor was P.T. Barnum. The old

“saw the man in half trick” was given a new spin which made it all the more convincing.
As well as showmen and magicians, The Illusionists were prime performers and marketers by bringing young people onstage and encouraging them to pursue magic (by providing them with The Illusionists magic kits).
They were able to adapt the act to the environment by incorporating illusions relevant to Durham and North Carolina in general.
As the audience made its way out of the theater, The Illusionists’ act kept them talking and wondering – just how do they do that?

Bret Pierce is a sophomore at Page High School and a Teens & 20s writer. Charity Apple, Accent editor and volunteer Teens & 20s adviser, contributed to this story. 

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