‘The Kill Order’ will leave Dashner fans wanting more

 “The Kill Order” by James Dashner. Copyright 2012, Delacourte Press, 329 pages, $17.99.

Reviewed by Rachel Anne Spencer
Times-news correspondent

   James Dashner delivers a thrilling adventure once again in his latest book, “The Kill Order.” The book is a prequel to his book “The Maze Runner,” and it reveals the origin of a deadly disease known as “The Flare” as well as the back story of one of the main characters in “The Maze Runner.”
   The novel is set mostly in North Carolina, making it one book Dashner’s readers from the Tar Heel State surely won’t want to miss. The story takes place approximately one year after the sun flares of the fictional dystopian future have struck, ravaging Earth and killing much of its population.
   In addition to the action, there are notes of young love, comedy and the ever-present grief that is a natural element of living in such a harsh environment. These three delicate additions make the stories come to life and make the characters seem three-dimensional and human.
   There’s also a constant, nagging suspense, as readers ponder who will be the next to die of The Flare or in battle and who will turn out to be immune and safe.
   The back of the book promises “exposure, infection, transmission, pandemic and extinction,” and it doesn’t disappoint. In addition to all these promises, “The Kill Order” delivers insanity, adventure, love and it will leave all of Dashner’s fans crazy for more.

Rachel Anne Spencer is a home-schooled senior and a Teens & Twenties writer.

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