Today’s graduation invitations have STYLE

Commentary by Jessica Page
Times-News correspondent
Attention classes of 2012: the time to get your invitations out is getting closer. Graduation day is filled with excitement and lots of planning. Back when our parents were in high school, it was straightforward information, “you’re invited to this person’s graduation ceremony,” with just the school’s colors, cream-colored cards, and maybe your school picture.

Now, we’ve all had a yearbook picture where we go “oh man, my hair looks horrible!” or “ugh, I wish I could do that over!”

Well, now you can.

This is Jessica Page's graduation invitation. / Photo submitted

If you want as affordable as you can get, Walmart is great. They’ve got great layouts and options that are easy to use. And the price is a mere 44 cents. In Walmart, you can create them in the photo center or you can design them on their website at But there are other places that are worth checking out, too.

Personally Yours, at 1046 South Williamson Avenue, Burlington, has several sample books and employees willing to sit down with you and tell you what’s popular. People in the invitation business love to get to know your personality so they can get a better feel of what you want.

“Graduation invitations have gotten away from the formal way. Now it’s all about the color and the pictures,” said Julie Holt. “I’ve noticed for the girls it’s all about funky colors and designs such as polka dots and zebra stripes.”

Their prices start at $1.50 and it can go up to $3 apiece. For more information about what Personally Yours can offer, check out their Facebook page or give them a call at (336) 584-1976.

Juliepatoolie’s, at 2327 South Church Street, Burlington, has noticed that “girls are into the color hot pink,” owner Julia Poole said. “A lot of  times they want the fun patterns – nothing boring. As for the guys, they like to just stick with traditional and simple. Girls are more into it than boys are.”

But if you’d like to stick with your school colors or maybe even your future college colors, then it’s certainly not a problem. Most of Poole’s designs are custom-made, but she is flexible if you’d like to have a particular clip art. If you’re interested in having some cool after party stuff for your graduation, Poole can also make napkins and cups with your guests names on them. For more information you can check out the store’s Facebook page or call (336) 264-6977.

Turn Leaf Designs owner Suzanna Chriscoe said it is all about custom-made products. Chriscoe meets with graduates and gets to know them. After chatting, she makes three options and gives them to you to choose for yourself. If you want anything in particular, such as an animal, you can bring a picture of it and she’ll draw it herself. She is open to bargaining to meet your budget. Chriscoe’s invitations start at 50 cents each to $2.

“Girls like to be off-the-charts different,” Chriscoe said. “They love to have them glossy and colorful.” For more information check out her website: or

Pear Tree Greetings is an online greeting card company. Angela Ferrara of Pear Tree Greetings said multi-photo designs are appealing to today’s grads.

“Many of our designs that have continued to do well year after year are our multi-photo announcements; this is a trend we feel will continue for years to come. “The ‘You Pick Color’ option allows graduates to change the design color to your favorite color or school colors. Our ‘Favorite Moments Remembered,’ ‘Senior Swirls,’ ‘Full of Celebration Booklet’ and ‘Ribbon Tall’ are among our best-selling invitations,” Ferrara said. Cost for invitations are from $1 to $2.48 each. For more information, contact Pear Tree Greetings at (800) 403-8861 or visit her website at

Jessica Page is a home-schooled senior and a Teens & Twenties writer.


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