Today’s temporary tattoos: Henna tattoos are an artistic way to express yourself

Henna tattoos are a way to have an artistic temporary tattoo this summer. / Metro Creative Graphics

   Do you remember those temporary stick-on tattoos that you would get at the doctor’s or the dentist’s office when you were a kid?
They don’t last very long but they’re cool. The modern version of those is a henna tattoo, which are a simple way this summer to express your personality and originality.
Henna tattoos originated in Pakistan, India, and Africa. It started as a way to decorate their bodies without being able to wear jewelry. It was not only for the rich, either. Today, people all across the world have adopted the ancient traditions of adorning their bodies with the beautiful natural artwork created from the henna plant, according to the website, Silk & Stone,
It became a popular form of temporary body decoration in the 1990s in the U.S. and has become a growing trend ever since. Celebrities like Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Yasmine Bleeth, Liv Tyler and many others proudly adorn their bodies with henna and show them off in public, movies, videos, etc.
People throughout the West have adopted the eastern tradition in their lives by having their hands and feet painted for weddings, bellies painted while in pregnancy, heads adorned with henna while going through chemotherapy, scars camouflaged to make them unnoticeable, etc., according to Silk & Stone.
    Now you don’t have to go to some fancy place just to have someone create and do the tattoo for you, you can do it at home. Henna kits are sold at craft stores and Walmart and Target with prices ranging from $10 to $14. Just follow the directions and you’ll have a henna tattoo in a matter of minutes. And if you’re at the beach, shops also have artists create tattoos for people in a matter of minutes.
No matter where you are, at the beach or at home, a henna tattoo is a good way to express yourself this summer.

 Catherine Wiggins is a rising freshman at Williams High School and a Teens & Twenties writer.


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