Travel broadens the mind

For Teens & 20s writer Jakob S. Miller, traveling overseas with his grandparents was an educational experience. / Photo submitted

By Jakob S. Miller
Times-News correspondent

   Travel is not only an enriching experience that you can tell stories about for the rest of your life, but also a motivator when it comes to school. My personal experience was during the summer of last year, before I started high school.
My grandparents and I went on an adventure exploring Europe and its culture. One of the places we visited for a substantial amount of time was France, which was important since I would soon be taking French.
I developed an appreciation for the value of knowing two or more languages by seeing how people could learn multiple languages, and that speaking a second language to a native speaker of that language creates social bonds and limits stereotypes, due to their appreciation for you making an effort to better understand their way of life.
For this reason, my foreign language education is more solidified than it would have been otherwise. I had signed up for French I freshman year, and was excited for this class due to my exposure to French language and culture.
Once the start of the school year rolled around, I was able to imagine my experience in France, enhancing my ability to grow fond of the language. After that, I switched out a class the next consecutive semester for French II, exhibiting my intense interest in the language.
I greatly appreciate the opportunity I had last summer to explore other cultures, and improve my education. Thanks to my travels, I can honestly say this: Jâ’ adore francais!

Jakob S. Miller is a freshman at Southern Alamance High School and a Teens & 20s writer.

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