Trip to ‘king of fast food’ a little disappointing

Editor’s note: This is the fifth story in a series about fast food written by River Mill Academy seniors CJ Click and Braxton Rickert.

Commentary by CJ Click and Braxton Rickert
Times-News correspondents

This week we visited the establishment that started it all, the granddaddy of all fast food, McDonald’s. Founded in 1955, McDonald’s brought industrial business principles to the food industry and created what we know as fast food.

The tables were clean of trash, as was the floor. The nutritional information was not visible at first, however upon inquiry, we were able to attain it on the back of our place mats.

Our Mickey D’s experience at the Graham location was certainly not the worst of our fast food adventures, but it wasn’t the best, either. The customer service could compare in the same way. We did not feel exceptionally valued; however, it was “rush hour” for the establishment.

We got our food in a timely manner at about a minute and 40 seconds after ordering. For what you’re paying, the food quality was good. The cold items were cold, and the hot items were hot.

For the meal we ordered (a chicken sandwich, small fry, small soft drink, and dessert), there were 1,380 calories. Total fat was 51 grams with sodium at 1,190 milligrams and 204 carbohydrates.

    Granted, McDonald’s was by far the busiest restaurant we’ve eaten at throughout this series. For the king of the fast food industry, we were disappointed and were expecting a bit more.

 CJ Click and Braxton Rickert are seniors at River Mill Academy and Teens & Twenties writers.

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