‘Turn On The Lights’ an amazing CD

“Turn On The Lights,” Daniel Powter. International Solutions. Copyright 2012. $11.68.

Reviewed by Matt Herter
Times-News correspondent

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After more than three years of writing and recording, Daniel Powter has finally released his new album “Turn on the Lights,” following his debut of “Cupid” as a single this past April.
   Powter is mostly known for his Grammy-nominated song “Bad Day,” which was a Billboard No. 1 hit and was made popular as the “American Idol” theme song on “elimination night” in the 2006 season of the popular television show, and in the animated movie, “The Chipmunks.”
   “Turn on the Lights” consists of 10 songs, with three remakes from previous albums, including: “The Day We Never Met.” “Best of Me” and “Come Back Home.” Each song was remixed with an upbeat tempo, likely to appeal to teens more than the original versions.
   Powter’s signature piano styles remain in most of the songs, but many of the tracks include more guitar riffs and heavier backbeats. “Cupid” is written in a Colbie Caillat-style and is a song about wanting to fall in love again; it hit No. 36 on Billboard’s Adult Pop chart earlier this year.
   “Crazy All My Life” reminds one of chart-topper Maroon 5’s recent hits, and it’s one of the highlights of the album. One wonders why this song wasn’t released as a single, as it seems poised for the most radio play of any track on the album.
   In a recent interview with International Solutions, Powter shared his opinion that today’s popular music is overproduced by employing computer-enhanced methods that manipulate sounds rather than songs having an “organic sound — like humans were actually playing instruments.”
   “If Only I Could Cry” was co-written by Kris Allen, winner of “American Idol” in 2009. In fact, Powter was a special guest of Allen’s at a concert inNew Yorkon Aug. 18.
   One hopes, despite his struggles with addiction, which he has discussed publicly, that Daniel Powter’s bad days are finally in the past. Overall, the entire album was a triumphant return for Powter on the music scene, offering a nice mix of both upbeat and slower songs, allowing the listener to avoid skipping even one track.
   Although widely available online either as a digital download or as a CD, Powter’s release in retail stores is not easy to find.

 Matt Herter is a home-schooled sophomore and a Teens & Twenties writer.

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