UNC-Chapel Hill: A beacon for higher education

Commentary by CJ Click
Times-News correspondent

   When reflecting on my first month here at the Universityof North Carolina at Chapel Hill, I’ve come to gain insight into what the university means to thousands of students from not only across the country, but the world.
   There is a certain degree of pride that is involved with attending the first public university in the nation. Ever since UNC-Chapel Hill’s founding in 1789, it has been a beacon for higher public education. The school can boast about its diverse body, not just in ethnicity, but also in ideas. That diversity has made UNC-Chapel Hill a laboratory for the advancement and betterment of human kind.
      The university is consistently ranked the fifth best public university by U.S. News and World Report and first for best value by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance.
   UNC-Chapel Hill is a family. Like all families, there are problems that need to be worked out. But the problems are short-term. We can work through them together, especially if we have the public’s support.
   In these tough times, let’s not forget the world of good that UNC-Chapel Hill does for the state of North Carolina. Let’s not abandon the school that helped make this state one of the best in the union.

 CJ Click is a freshman at UNC-Chapel Hill and a Teens & Twenties writer.

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