Walk where ‘the walkers’ do in Atlanta

Commentary by Kaitlin Gillespie
Times-News correspondent

   ATLANTA — It is a phenomenon that has swept the nation and captured everyone’s brains: “The Walking Dead.” The show is getting ready to start airing its fifth season this fall and fans wait eagerly to find out what new and gory scenes await.
How do the producers make things so scary and real? The Big Zombie Bus Tour in Atlanta provides all the stops and views from the first season including the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), which is actually a coliseum, the hospital, the bridge and much more. The tour guide is even a previous walker and has his own action figure. The scenes are not on a direct set but rather shot all around portions of Atlanta.
Many of the places visited, like the goat farm, have an eerie sense of solidarity to them and have multiple filming histories. There is even an overlap in “The Walking Dead” and the set of “The Hunger Games,” as multiple places in Atlanta are repurposed for movies and shows. For example, the scene in “Catching Fire” where Gale is whipped is used as a main background for the first season of “The Walking Dead.”
With a tour guide who had an inside scoop, a fantastic view of Atlanta and a feeling of walking where the “walkers” have, it was an amazing experience to see where the magic takes place and how it all happens.

For more information on the tours,  visit atlantatours.us and search for “zombie,” or call (888) 811-9237.


Kaitlin Gillespie is a rising freshman at Western Carolina University and a Teens & Twenties writer.

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