Wear what makes you happy

Back-to-school shopping is a chance to express your own unique style. / Metro Creative Graphics

Commentary by Catherine Wiggins
Times-News correspondent

   Preppy. Grunge. Band nerd. Comic nerd. Jock. Common nicknames in middle and high school, right? But the fashions that go behind those nicknames are what started the “She/He’s not wearing this so she/he’s not cool” thing.
Whatever your style is — you have to go shopping to get those fabulous clothes you wear. Some of the best stores to get back-to-school clothes, in my opinion, are Target, Aeropostale, American Eagle and HotTopic.
Aeropostale is keeping up with all the latest trends in fashion, such as tribal patterns. Not only do they have nice fitting jeans, they have a great line of activewear and accessories.
American Eagle, though the fashions may be for older teens, keeps their styles in fashion but classy at the same time.
Places like HotTopic appeal to the band and comic “nerds.” They carry T-shirts with bands and comic book characters on them. HotTopic is the place to be if you want good deals on otherwise very expensive T-shirts.
Target is the place where you can get good and comfortable outfits for a decent price. Need skinny jeans? They carry those in all sizes. Need a good pair of boots? They carry that, too. Target has something for everybody.
Despite everyone having different tastes, there are different places for everyone to shop. Some may like HotTopic and some may like shopping at Target for their clothes. It doesn’t matter. Be comfy and wear what makes you happy.

 Catherine Wiggins is a rising freshman at Williams High School and a Teens & Twenties writer.

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